A Summary of a Wiccan Wedding

Understanding a Wiccan WeddingThe beautiful thing about weddings and matrimony is that each culture has its own unique way of expressing love. Over the course of centuries, we develop traditions and practices by which we can show our partner that our love for each other is eternal, and that the day of matrimony is incredibly important. And one of the most unique cultures to do so is Wiccan.

A Wiccan wedding has a variety of traditions, in that those who practice Wicca ceremonies all have their own individual approach.

What that means is that every Wiccan wedding is different and beautiful in its own way. But one thing that’s usually constant is the tradition of handfasting, whereas the partners have their hands gently tied together with a rope, or cord, as a symbol of faith. This practice is often renewed every year or so, depending on the participants’ belief.

Wiccan weddings is usually held outside, as a way to be one with the earth, and our natural settings. Another tradition is having family and loved ones join the bride and groom in a circle, with candles lit to present a pentagram shape around them. Per belief, there may be an altar with Wiccan symbols present, as well as other references to Earth elements, gods, or goddesses.

One thing those practicing Wicca should keep in mind is that someone legally allowed to officiate weddings must be present, as Wiccan weddings aren’t recognized otherwise. Seeking advice from other Wiccans or your local Wicca community can also prove extremely helpful when formulating your thoughts on what you want your wedding to be. Yet regardless of what you choose, it’s guaranteed that your ceremony will be one representative of you and your partner’s love.

If you have any other questions about Wiccan weddings, don’t hesitate to ask — we want this day to be as special as it can be, and are happy to help. Contact Handfastings and Weddings today.

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