How to Make Your Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony Shine

How to Make Your Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony ShinePlanning a memorable and bold same-sex wedding ceremony is fun and easy when you put you and your partner at the forefront of your decisions.

Here’s how to make your one-of-a-kind same sex ceremony shine with a little advice from Handfastings and Weddings.

Break with Wedding Traditions

Traditions work well for couples that prefer a time-honored, classic ceremony. However, if that traditional vibe feels odd for your same-sex wedding, make choices instead based on what represents you as a couple. Skip the bouquet toss, forget the garters, and disregard gender when selecting your wedding party. Invent your own rules as you plan your romantic big day and include in your wedding only what makes sense for you.

Switch up Seating

Typical wedding rules separate wedding guests during the ceremony on two sides: one for the bride and one for the groom. Family and friends of each traditional newlywed sit on the side of the person they know the best. However, if this type of seating makes zero sense for your ceremony, scratch the idea and opt for letting guests choose their own location. Place a sign at the ceremony dictating this daring choice.

Shine in your Wedding Wardrobe

What you wear on your wedding day should make the room stop and stare in awe. Be the stars of your own marital movie by taking it up a notch with your wardrobe. Imagine exchanging your vows while sporting gorgeous wedding suits, stunning wedding dresses, or something completely unique. Endless wardrobe combinations help you show off your formidable fashion sense in a way special to the two of you.

Add a Splash of Color

Go bold with your wedding color palette and set the wedding scene on fire by decorating in your favorite standout colors. Choose enjoyable color combinations that represent your tight bond as a couple. From your flowers to your reception decorations, incorporating some non-traditional color patterns lets your wedding celebration shine. Give your ceremony brilliant pops of color with rainbow centerpieces or rainbow colored paper lanterns.

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