The Origins Behind the Handfasting Ceremony

The Origins Behind the Handfasting CeremonySo you have decided that you want to add a handfasting ceremony to your marriage nuptials. Good for you!

Handfasting is a wonderful experience that genuinely bonds the hearts of those who are truly in love.

Handfasting is a great experience, but have you ever wondered about the origins of handfasting? Let’s dive into the brief history of this lovely ritual.

It is said that the act of handfasting first began all the way back in medieval times when the handfasting first existed in the form of a Betrothal where a couple would become engaged before the actual nuptials even took place. As a matter of fact, back then, the term handfasting was another word for “betrothal” or “wedding.”

When the late 18th Century came around, the truth behind handfasting became lost as many people mistakenly began to believe that handfasting was a trial marriage of sorts that would last a year and a day. This myth was made even more popular when mentioned in Sir Walter Scott’s classic novel The Monastery.

Between the 18th century and up until 1939, handfasting became an event that took the place of a church wedding with the ceremony actually resulting in the couple being married.

Since the 1960’s, handfasting has been used in many Celtic neopaganism and Wicca wedding ceremonies.

Although many people may think that handfasting is relatable only to certain cultures, the fact remains that because handfasting is not the same as a legal wedding, any couple can engage in the ceremony, including same-sex couples, polyamorous families, and transgender couples. That is what is so amazing about the ritual. It is truly all-inclusive.

These days handfasting can be added as an optional component of a wedding, often being added to or even replacing the ring exchange portion of the ceremony.

Here at Handfastings and Weddings, we are still very much in love with the romanticism that is associated with the handfasting ritual. In fact, we have several different handfasting ceremonies that you can choose from. If you would like to bring some old tradition into your modern wedding, then consider a handfasting ceremony with Handfastings and Weddings.

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